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AR Fabrication Harmonic Dampener (Balancer) Crank Pulley for EJ20/EJ25 Motor
AR Fabrication Harmonic Dampener (Balancer) Crank Pulley for EJ20/EJ25 Motor
Each Time a cylinder fires the resulting combustion creates a tremendous amount of pressure, which becomes the force applied to the crankshaft. Each combustion is like a hammer blow to the top of the piston. It hits with enough force to cause the crankshaft not only to turn, but to twist as well. This twisting, along with the accompanying rebound (when the crank rebounds back in the opposite direction), is known as torsional vibration.

The crankshaft acts like a tuning fork, once hit, it will ring at a certain frequency, but the harmonics become destructive as the crank reaches its natural frequency. So the damper is used to control the harmonics due to the torsional vibration, not the balance of the engine. Rotating mass and RPM will directly affect the ability of the factory damper to control the harmonics of the crankshaft. When these factors change, the use of a properly built and designed damper is required. Our damper design is a very simple design that is not affected by the differences in weight or rpm and has been used in other industries due to its flexibility and long lasting design. Factory dampers use a rubber elastomer between the hub and ring which loses its elasticity over time and due to heat effectively reducing its ability to reduce the torsional vibration that it was intended for.

Compatible with all EJ20/EJ25 Motors (WRX, STi, Forester, Legacy, Outback)
Price: $399.00

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