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Customer Cars

Charles Fisher - Mitsubishi EVO8 MR 2.2L

w/PT6567 37PSI yielding 629WHP on Mustang MD500DE & whopping 786.5WHP on DynoJet!

Jason Chong 2011 GTR HKSGT600

93PumpGas 491HP/510TQ @ 17PSI Mustang AWD MD500DE Results

Mutasim -Mitsubishi Evo8 PT62/65 Billet

E85@32PSI yielding 617WHP DynoJet Result On Stock 4G63 Motor, i.e.; short block, head bolts, head gasket!

Bryan Zara- Subaru WRX w/JDM Version8 Spec C RA

Complete genuine v.8 Spec C RA swap with functional DCCD, TQ split manual & auto operation

Jim B - EVO8

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