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Customer Testimonials

’05 Mitsubishi EVO VIII MR – Austin, TEXAS

Well, I just came back from MZM and I must say I couldn’t be happier Their quality of work and professionalism is very refreshing and I’ve had nothing but a positive experience with them for over 3 years. I have taken both my IS300 and Evo MR to them for everything from routine maintenance to complex mechanical installations and pro tunes. My most recent pro tune yielded a net gain of 57.1hp/43.3tq with basic exhaust mods, and drivability is not compromised in any way.

To put it simply, the car pulls harder all the way to redline and it is a night and day difference from stock. All car functions remain in tact with the Power FC to include full ACD functionality. I have participated in numerous High Performance Driving Events in my daily driven Evo, and have been amazed at how well the car performed during high speed extended track sessions. The power band is linear and I was able to compete with other performance cars (read Porsche, Ferrari, BMW, and the like) at the circuit. This is a testament to MZM’s quality of work and Mohammad’s world class tuning ability.


’04 Subaru WRX STI

I would like to thank everyone at MZM international for an outstanding job performed on my 04 Sti. Their knowledge and know how of performance and tuning is shown on the dyno and at the track, as well as everyday driving pleasure. Before I handed the keys over to MZM I had a few bolt ons, but it wasn’t enough for me. Some of the parts I had on the car conflicted with others. I decided to call MZM and I talked to Mutassim, we put a package together and they went to work. I am very pleased with the finished results, and amazed at the quality and engineering that APS put in their products. I would recommend any Subaru owner APS performance parts. The SR-55 turbo makes outstanding power and is very resposive. I also would recommend APS’s line of intercoolers, the qaulity and engineering put into it is flawless. Along with superior performance parts from APS and the tuning knowledge of Mohammad they have created a car that is truly a pleasure to drive and very capable at the track. Once again thanks to MZM.

Joe Brown

’04 Subaru WRX Wagon – TEXAS

Mohammed: I wanted to take a second to tell you how satisfied I have been with the services you have done on my WRX. As you know, prior to finding MZM, I had some bad experiences at another shop. MZM, on the other hand, has exceeded all of my expectations. I appreciate the way you have addressed all my needs, while at the same time you have been respectful that money does not grow on trees.

I would suggest the Ecutek reflash to anyone with a WRX. Driving 40k miles every year, I explained to you the importance of maintaining the reliability Subaru?s are known for. You have made this a priority of your own and it is apparent in your work. When my car is at MZM I know everything will be taken care of and you will stand behind your work. I have a high degree of respect for you and your staff ? Mutasim and Ayman are top notch.

You run the kind of establishment I would recommend to my own mother if she lived in Austin, but she prefers big block, normally aspirated Lincoln V8s. Keep up the good work!

Brice Remaley

’94 Mazda RX-7 Single Turbo – Ann Arbor, MICHIGAN

I’ve always wanted an RX-7, and when I went searching for one last summer, I had essentially no idea just how freaking amazing the car was that I found down there in Austin. The seller’s ad had stated “built by MZM”, but I was totally new to the modified scene and more focused on the seller’s HP claims and general appearance of the car. Well, after many months of reading the myriad modified mags and bumping into folks on the street, I’ve come to GREATLY appreciate those words “built by MZM”. I’m embarrassed to admit I didn’t even peep the MZM website until after I bought the car! Here’s what I’ve learned since then… the shop that does your tuning is more important than any hardware modification to your car. There are dozens of shops that can slap on extra horsepower, but not do it as well as MZM. There are only a few that can extract 500 hp from a 1.3 L rotary. And even fewer can build and tune one that makes this much power reliably. I got incredibly lucky when I bought this car, as I easily could have picked another with the same mods, built by a less experienced, less knowledgeable shop. If you are thinking about building an RX-7, you can trust MZM. And if you go through with it, never, never, reveal their secrets.


’04 Subaru Forester – Austin, TEXAS

In my attempt to wrest more power out of the XT I visited many forums and interviewed many “tuner shops”. It was pure luck that I happened to be at Fed-Ex one day picking up a package and saw MZM across the road. I stopped in to inquire about your shop’s capabilities and I clearly remember having an almost prophetic conversation with you regarding my plans for modifying the XT. That first conversation was the most informed, intelligent, and application-centric discussion I’d had about the car. You may recall that I came through your doors armed with lots of information from the numerous tuner forums on the Internet. Instead of slam-dunking me with your superior knowledge base, you carefully led me through the reasons why I should connect with a performance expert (like MZM) and take a phased approach to achieving my goals for the XT. You also raised an important point that I pay attention to tuner shop references. This turned out to be the final link in my alignment with your exceptional service and results. None of the other shops I interviewed had quite the enthusiasm in their customer reference base that MZM enjoys.

’04 Mitsubishi EVO VIII – Victoria, TEXAS

A word or two of thanks to the guys at MZM. The transformation of my stock EVO to the EVO that I am driving today has just been phenomenal. The quality of work your shop has performed has impressed me and everyone I have shown the car to. Your ingenuity of the fabrication and installation of the cold air intake was just incredible. To my knowledge, nobody in the industry has put together a piece like this. The increased performance and sound is truly sick.

Most of all, your guidance on the staged progression of these performance upgrades and dyno tuning has been invaluable. From first changing out the stock turbo back exhaust to the addition of the Power FC, the gradual enhancements has enabled me to both increase the performance of my EVO and do it in a cost effective manner. Never did you try to sell me an after market part that wasn’t inline with your shops performance philosophy. My experience with other vendors has been “just sell him the part.” That has never been the case with MZM. Thanks again guys, for giving me a car I can be proud of.

Bob Wilson

’03 Subaru WRX – Corpus Christi, TEXAS

Got back from the track 3 weeks ago after the tuning session at MZM. My 2.5 liter WRX screamed through the 1.6 mile road course. I drove it first in the 4 cylinder and 6 cylinder class and was able to pass every one out there new M3’s and Porsche 944’s older 911’s. The car handled great, it pulled hard all the way to 6500 rpm. In the 8 cylinder class there was a gutted W06’s Trans Am, a new Z06 some Porsche 911 Carreras. With an SCCA Driver on board we were able to pass all the competition. The tuning job made a huge difference. At MZM I was treated very professionally and courteously. Every thing that was done to the car was explained ahead of time, there were no surprises. The whole process took 3 weeks as promised. This is after my car had been at other shops for five and six months. I highly reccomend MZM to anyone who is serious about making their import go fast.

Ed Caveda

’02 Stroker Subaru WRX – TEXAS

I have always been skeptical of tuners and considered them a necessary evil to performance (well maybe not evil). You know the feeling….did he get the power out of the engine? …or is it reliable, will it detonate? Well, I didn’t get those feelings at MZM. Instead, what I found at MZM was incredible tuning expertise coupled with a deep respect for my car that eliminated my skepticism. And, my car is no breeze to tune – I have a stroker with ported heads and very aggressive cams. A previous tuner left me shifting at 5800 RPM on the track because the engine would start missing and fall on its face at 6000 RPM. Mohammad realized the problem was due to the aggressive cams and he compensated in the maps accordingly. With his knowledge, Mohammad was able to finally extract the true performance from my engine. My car now has an amazingly flat torque curve, hits full boost by 3000 RPM, and keeps pulling all the way to 8500 RPM. Great tune, great tuner. Thanks Mohammad and thanks MZM.


’03 Mitsubishi EVO VIII – Austin, TEXAS

Dear MZM,  I wanted to thank you for the great job you have done on both my cars. As you know, I didn’t have the best experiences before I went to your shop. It was very refreshing to deal with a company that was more concerned with my satisfaction than it was with selling parts. You’ve gone out of your way to insure I am satisfied with everything I’ve purchased. When I was unsure of an exhaust, you offered to install it and if I didn’t like it, take it off at no charge to me. This is great service! You’ve stood behind everything you’ve sold. I wish all companies were like this. Your tuning on both my EVO and WRX is outstanding. The power is smooth and the drivability is better than stock.

Thanks for all your hard work and great service, Robert

’04 Subaru STi – Jacksonville, Florida

My name is Eric, and I am a Chief Petty Officer in the United States Navy, and a proud owner of a 2004 WRX STi. I like most of you was looking to add a little more performance to my car. I was living in Dallas, TX. , and heard about MZM down in Austin. Talked to them on the phone, asked questions, told them what I would like to do. It was an absolute pleasure working with them, they answered my questions, gave me some great advice on what parts to buy, and not to buy. They put me car on the dyno for a baseline run, put down 262 whp with just some basic COBB mods. I was very happy with that . My Car was there about a week and a half, and is now pumping out 341 wheel HP at 24.5 lbs of boost. WOW! It’s almost like a whole new car, an absolute beast on the road. And the best thing might be that it did not lose any of its drivability. Unless I really get on it, the car drives the same as it did the day I bought it. And that says a lot about the quality of work that is done at MZM. I could not be happier with end result of my car, and the awesome experience I had down at MZM. Their quality of work was top notch, and their hospitality to their customers was also top notch. I would highly recommend MZM to all of my import tuner friends out there. You wont be sorry! Mohammad, Mutasim, Ayman, and Travis, I will see you guys again in the future. You can count on that! Take Care!

Eric Smith

’06 Subaru WRX- Austin, Tx.

Mutasim, Mohammad and crew: I just wanted to take some time to let you know how happy I am with the work you did to my 2006 WRX. When I walked into your shop the first time I had just bought the vehicle and knew virtually nothing about imports, much less AWD turbo cars. I come from a long history of domestic muscle cars. When I first spoke with Mutasim I instantly found him a wealth of knowledge and he did not mind taking the time to find out what my goals for the car were. Prior to contacting MZM I had researched performance “kits” on the web and thought I knew what I wanted. After a conversation with Mutasim, he told me that he could get me better, more reliable results for less money than the web company had advertised. Before I finally dropped the car off for the work, I had decided to take it one step further and upgrade the turbo, intercooler, intake and fuel pump. Mutasim helped me in located a very clean used set up that didn’t kill me financially. They scheduled the work and finish date for the car around my seriously abnormal work schedule. Of course, when a severe storm rolled in on the final day of dyno tuning, there was not alot they could do. Muhammed and the guys stayed late that night to get it finished knowing that I had to have the vehicle back (and with me hovering around the shop waiting- thanks for the patience). Upon completing the work, they took the time to “train” me on how my car would be different and how to use the new additions to their potential without compromising the vehicle. All I can say, is when I drove it home I was blown away. This was not the same car I dropped off! The power was substantially more and quick to arrive. The exhaust sounded great, The suspension and wheels made the car handle like a dream compared to it’s stock set-up. On the tuning side, Muhammed did an excellent job of balancing smooth power delivery across the RPM band with the reliability needed for a daily driver. In closing, I could not be happier with the work done to my WRX and I would not hesitate to recommend MZM Performance to anyone. Thanks Guys.

Judd Brooks

’04 Subaru WRX STi- Austin, TEXAS

Dear MZM, just wanted to quickly say thanks for all the work you’ve done on my 04 STi over the last year. When I got the car, I found the tune that was done by another shop to be both leaner and weaker than anticipated, with the car even stalling on me while coasting to a stop. Now my STi is making 340 whp and 370ft-lbs with excellent reliability and control and no CELs or stalling issues. The HKS custom external wastegate setup that you fabbed in house for my FP Green, the APS header combo, and alky kit have given me a very powerful, reliable STi that’s awesome to drive even on the street. Thanks to Ayman and the team for the attention to detail and professional quality of their work, which exceeds expectations in every way. I know I can count on MZM to find and fix any small issues like loose wires, improper mountings, etc. that have plagued the car since I got it from its previous owner. Most other shops would overlook these things before they became major issues. It is clear Ayman takes the time to treat each car like his own.


’02 Honda S2000 Turbocharged – ARKANSAS

My car was in bad shape so I needed to find a good, respectable shop. Many have recommended MZM. When I first brought my car in, it was driving nowhere near its capabilities because it had so many problems from other shops. So I had MZM redo most everything with my car with bigger and better stuff. When it came to tuning, there were some issues with the Greddy Emanage so Mohammad and I decided to step up to the AEM EMS (standalone ecu). With no prior experience or knowledge on the AEM EMS, I was a bit skeptical but Mohammad was able to tune my car and make my car drive like it was supposed to¡¦ fast and reliable. My only mistake is, I should have brought my car here to begin with and not somewhere else. I would highly recommend this shop to anyone. They are very professional and friendly, thanks!


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