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ACPT Carbon Fiber Driveshaft for 2004-2007 STI
The ACPT Carbon Fiber Driveshaft Replaces the OEM 31 lb with the 13.5 lb. bolt on ACPT Carbon Fiber Driveshaft. ACPT has developed a carbon fiber driveshaft that allows a 1000 RPM increase in the engine speed and gives the engine a chance to work at its? power peak. Its track tested at well over 800 horsepower. Its a stronger,lighter, direct replacement for your stock aluminum driveshaft. Which are known to twist. You can achieve rear wheel horsepower gains of more than 5% with the simple switch to an ACPT carbon fiber driveshaft. Carbon fiber offers you more strength to resist extreme torque than steel with about half the weight. Just like the common use of the lightweight clutch and flywheel units, a lightweight driveshaft allows more of your engine?s power to be applied to the ground during acceleration. In addition to minimizing rotational power losses, carbon fibers unique vibration dampening characteristics also help improve power output.
Price: $1,195.00

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