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APS Headers for WRX/STI w/ Upipe
Header design is a very precise and complex process that demands the highest levels of engineering and a thorough understanding of the STI engine if the optimum header is desired.

APS has designed and manufactured what is arguably the ultimate STI header system on the planet. Designed specifically for high powered STI engines, the APS Equal Length Split Pulse Header system delivers an outstanding improvement in power and torque, particularly in the mid RPM range.

By dissipating the hot exhaust gasses more efficiently, the APS High Energy Header System lowers the thermal load on vital engine components such as pistons, combustion chambers, valves etc., particularly at high horsepower levels.

Careful attention to detail in key areas is critical in order to deliver the highest possible performance and maximum component durability. From smooth flowing Y couplings through to internally and externally precision TIG welds where tubes meet flanges, APS' high attention to detail ensures the optimum results and powerful operation.
Price: $1,070.00

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